Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This Blog Will End Soon

FYI: This blog will be ending soon so please update your blogrolls, feeds, links, etc to reflect my new blog that celebrates Amsterdam---my new home as of next weekend. The only left to due in Duesseldorf is to see the Madonna concert this Sunday at the LTU Arena.

The web address is http://jamesonthecanal.blogspot.com

Once you visit my new blog, you will see the look and feel will be similar to this old blog, 'American In Dusseldorf,' however the content will be different--naturally it will contain info on the wonderful, liberal city of Amsterdam.

Additionally, I have decided to rant and rave about the current political climate, both the US and the world as a whole. I have this passion for politics because I believe we should all become involved so as to hopefully create a better world for us all and not leave it up to the corrupt scum that currently dominates the world political stage---especially in the US!


Blogger alala said...

Well good luck with the move! I'm all excited for you. Having trouble with my blogroll, but I'll definitely bookmark the next blog. Have fun with the next phase! And I hope Matt's got his luggage back.

10:42 PM  

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