Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

We are definitely in the dog days of summer, as we say in America. It is so hot here in Duesseldorf, at least in my NON-air-conditioned apartment. Most apartments in Germany are not air-conditioned like in America so when it is warm outside, it is warm in your living space. I have gone to bed and woken up each day sweating. It is not fun sweating yourself to sleep or waking up sweating....I was complaining about the cold back in the winter and now I wish we had it again. My partner says I am one of those people deeply affected by the weather. I have to admit, I guess I am. One doesn't like to think of themself as a whiner or complainer, but when you fall asleep sweating and wake up sweating---it is time for some sort of adjustment. I guess I will be going to by a fan soon.

Do you find yourself less peppy or happy in the gray, long days of winter? If you're like me--you do. There is even a term for this, a Season Affective Disorder. After reading that website, it seems a bit extreme. I just like the warm weather---when I am cool inside.

On to a more fun note: Germany is going to BEAT Poland tonight at 21:00 CET! I really want Germany to beat Poland...

Update: We did have a thunderstorm and it how cooled down drastically. I think I will sleep much better tonight.


Blogger Ginnie said...

I am SOOOOO identifying with you and this hot humidity here in Hannover and no a/c. We at least have a fan for our 4th floor, attic apartment. But it's no fun. Give me the COLD weather any day. It totally invigorates me!

See you tomorrow :)

8:16 PM  
Blogger christina said...

I can't stand this heat. I almost passed out on the bus coming home from downtown this afternoon it was so hot and stuffy.

And poor Poland, eh?

10:58 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

You know I'm from Mississippi and it's hotter than forty-nine hells there in the summer but everything there's air conditioned, you know. It took me forever to get used to living without a/c when I moved to Germany but you can do it. I strongly recommend fans, getting your windows open and getting as much of a cross breeze going as you can. Drink lots of cool water to make up for sweating like a madman and wear as little when you're at home as you can. Stuff like busses and streetcars can be smothering in this heat so I avoid them when I can.

Unlike Mississippi, the really hot weather in Germany doesn't usually last for weeks and weeks on end. It'll build up, we'll get some thunderstorms and then it'll cool down.

You should have been here three years ago when it was nearly 100 degrees every day and that time it really did hang around for weeks. I was in the hospital for two of those weeks and they're not air conditioned either.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Hamish said...

I'm off to buy a fan today - and summer hasn't even officially started yet, hope it doesn't stay like this.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Haddock said...

We Europeans must be a bit more hardy eh, living as we do without aircons :) But when its hot I certainly do miss having an aircon.
I suffer from SADS to a certain extent so I take St.Johns Wort (Herbal stuff) in the winter to help me through the dark months :)

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Ugh, I know! I can't stand the heat either. I get really sick really fast, no matter how much water I drink. And our apt is also 4th floor. Like an oven. If I had been here back during that 100-degree thing, I absolutely would've ended up in the hospital too (not to mention my insulin pump wouldn't have worked!). Thank God for that thunderstorm last night :-)

My husband returned to work on Tuesday (first time back since I moved here May 31st) and what really amazed me is that the very large chain store he works at isn't even air conditioned! What the?!!! Seems that nothing here is! Even in Seattle (another land relatively lacking in A/C) STORES are air conditioned! And even the commuter buses are! (Sound Transit).

4:55 PM  

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