Friday, May 12, 2006

What To Do In Duesseldorf (Part I)

If you're looking for a great place for beer in Duesseldorf then head Old Town (Altstadt.) You will find plenty of places to go drinking! The best place to go for real Duesseldorf beer (Alt beer) is Uerige. It is in Old Town basically next to the Rhine. Ask any one where is Uerige (pronounced: your-a-gee). Pronounce the last syllable as gee, not as in ENERGY, but as in GEAR. Take that G sound from the English word GEAR and place a long vowel at the end. eeee

One other suggestion, right next to Uerige is a little bar and a store next to it for the famous Duesseldorf liquor: Killeptisch! It is so good. It is similar to Jagermeister, but so much better. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. If you are sluggish after a hearty German meal and a few too many beers, go have a shot of Killeptisch, but drink it is meant to be enjoyed. Afterwards you will be wide awake and ready to hit Old Town for more bar hopping!

If you are looking a more traditional German pub like the ones you always imagined seeing in Bavaria, but find yourself in Duesseldorf check out Fueschen (fox.) It is located at Ratinger Strasse 28 in Old Town.

There are so many bars and restaurants in Old Town Duesseldorf that it would take weeks to try them all. One of my favorite places is Anaconda. It is located at Andreasstrasse 11 and their phone number is 0211/ 8693939. Click on the link and then click "Program" to find out what the DJ's are spinning the night you want to go. Sometimes they play lounge/chillout, but every time I have been they are playing the best house music. Yes, I am gay, but this club is mixed, but mostly straight. Europeans are not as uptight about sexuality so go have fun where ever you like.

If you are looking for a great seafood restaurant in Duesseldorf, look no further than Fischhaus. It, too, is in Old Town located at Berger Strasse 3-7, telephone number 0211/8549864. The decor is a little outdated, but the food is always tasty. The last time I was there I had the Provence Mussels. They come in a huge, metal pot and they serve a very generous portion of them. I could not finish the whole pot myself. Don't worry, they will provide you with a menu (Speisekarte) in English if you request one.

I can't mention restaurants in Old Town without mentioning my absolute favorite pizza place in the world, Lupo Pizzeria Trattoria located at Bolker Strasse 52, telephone number 0211/131535. The pizzas are not the typical American thick pizzas. No, these pizzas are thin and amazingly delicious. I always order the pizza margherita (cheese pizza) and add the garlic later. They will bring you garlic and pepperinchini's that are swimming in I assume olive oil. You just take the spoon and smear it all over your pizza.

Finally, I can not forget about Media Harbor. This is a relatively new section of Duesseldorf. It is located on the Rine in the shadow of the Rhine Tower. There are many restaurants and bars in the area along with some of the world's most stunning architecture. One of the coolest bars is Eigelstein located at Hammer Strasse 17, telephone number 0211/ 6027477. What is most noteworthy about the place is that they serve Koelsch beer. That is the beer from Cologne and in the past you could not find a bar in Duesseldorf that would serve a Cologne beer. The two cities have an old rivalry dating back centuries. I will let you in on a little secret, SHHHHH!, I prefer Koelsch over Alt beer! I hope I don't get run out of town now....

Last, but not least...if you want to see a movie (Kino) in English head to CineStar. It is a large cineplex in Duesseldorf located in the Oberkassel neighborhood. They usually have 4-5 movies running in English. Check their program guide and look for OV--original version. One tip: You can drink BEER at the movies!

Enjoy Duesseldorf, I sure do!


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Never forget "Kreuzherreneck (Bobby)",Altestadt 14, the very best bar in Dusseldorf old town.
Gernot Schwarz

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