Sunday, April 30, 2006

Duesseldorf Neighborhoods

If you are moving to Duesseldorf or just want to know a little more about this nice city, this post is for you. By and large Duesseldorf is a safe city with excellent public transportation so where ever you live it will be great. I do not live in one of these eight areas, but I am two underground stops away from major shopping, restaurants and nightlife. So as long as you live in central Duesseldorf and not in a suburb, then you have no worries.

Are you wondering which neighborhoods are the best neighborhoods for quality of life? Here are my top choices:

1. Oberkassel/Niederkassel--Nice, quiet residential neighborhood with good restaurants on the other side of the Rhine, opposite Old Town.

2. Derendorf/Nord Strasse--Lively shopping, residential area within walking distance of Old Town and "downtown" shopping.

3. Altstadt--Bars and restaurants galore with quiet residential side streets in a central location.

4. Friedrichstadt--Convenient shopping and residential area just south of Old Town and Koenigsalle.

5. Golzheim--Upscale residential area in the northern part of the city, close to the Rhine, airport, Congress center/Messe, and easy Autobahn access.

6. Duesseltal--Clean, quiet residential area with good shopping and a little east of Old Town.

7. Unterbilk--Affordable residential area with a larger University student population with many bars and cafes.

8. Zoo--Quiet residential area near Duesseltal neighborhood. Several streets with big, expensive homes and the residents are on average a bit older.

There are some outlaying suburban areas that have good access to Duesseldorf. They tend to be of higher income brackets, families with kids and significantly higher rents and home prices. Such as Kaiserswerth in the north of Duesseldorf and Meerbusch in the west on the other side of the Rhine.


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hey james - this is very lovely to know... I'd think it would be a fun journey to make, but I'm not so sure how I could do it...

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