Thursday, December 01, 2005

Countdown to Germany!

Well, everyone, as you know today it is officially December! I now have exactly 29 days until I depart on Lufthansa from SFO bound for my new home--Germany. I still seems like I have so much left to do. Dissolving your entire household is not as easy as one would imagine. I have to admit, I am having seperation anxiety about selling my High-Definition Television. I guess I am your typical American and enjoy watching television, especially in high definition. The picture quality is so incredible it seems as if you were looking out the window. Any way, enough about my TV addiction. I will break this addiction by my move to Germany. I will have to study German and won't have time to waste by sitting in front of the TV like a zombie. My next task is on which laptop computer to buy. Any one have any suggestions? Should I buy it in Germany or go ahead and buy it in America in the next 29 days I have left? More later...


Blogger Sparky said...

Hello my friend,

Not to worry - we have HDTVs in Germany, too ;). Jen and I are currently thinking about buying a second one for the bedroom.

The only problem:
There is hardly any station here that broadcasts in HD, neither in 780p or 1080i. Only Premiere (the "HBO" of Germany) will start two special HiDef-Channels from next March on.

But hey, there's always renting DVDs and soon bluray... and lots of videostores.

12:18 PM  
Blogger J said...

Buy the laptop in the US, prices are usually better this time of the year with Christmas sales.

I've just come across your blog from Michelle's.

Why are you moving to Germany?

Germany Doesn't Suck

5:55 AM  

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