Thursday, December 22, 2005


I only have 8 days until I depart for Duesseldorf. I am excited. I have always wanted to live in Europe and now I will be. One common question I get from friends, co-workers, family, bloggers, etc is: WHY are you moving to Germany? It seems the only time an American moves to Germany is when they are in the US military or transfer with their company. I am not a high paid business executive and I am not in the military and quite frankly anti-war, so then why Germany? Well, because the most important person in my life, my spouse/partner/domestic partner/whatever you want to call him, is German. (Gays & lesbians don't really have a good word in English for their partner. I don't like calling my partner my husband. That makes me seem like a housewife and that I am not either.) My partner wants to move back to Germany. I am especially fed up with the US government and the current administration. I believe they are all crooks and liars. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! However, I am accused of being too political and that I must agree may be true. However, I am only interested in politics because those crooks in Washington, DC are the ones that decide what is law for the rest of us. Additionally, now that every branch of the Federal government is headed by Republicans, including the idiot in the White House, the only part of the citizenry that is benefitting is the oil men, pharmecutical companies, big business, etc. The poor, elderly, students, the environment, etc is suffering...OK, OK--I am going off on a tangent about this corrupt government...Back to the main topic: I am moving to Germany to be with the love of my life. Luckily, Germany is enlightened/progressive enough to allow the immigration of same-sex partners. (or at least their system of government is more fair to minorities, woman, the poor, etc as opposed to the "Land of the Free." The German system of government is not a winner-take-all type system as here in America and in my opinion, the German system is much more democratic.)

We have not decided how long we will stay in Germany. That remains to be seen. However, at this point I do not see myself living in Germany the rest of my life. My partner would move back to the US in the future, too. So we will see. For now, I am going to embrace the German culture, learn the language, travel all over Europe---first stop: Ibiza (I've always wanted to go there), and just enjoy my new life in Germany. Now that I'm on the subject of travel....No wonder Germans travel so is so much cheaper to do so! Check out this website even though it is in German only, but you will see what I mean. The flights and vacation packages are so incredibly inexpensive. Click here. Click on the tab at the top "Super Last Minute." You can visit Mallorca with the flight and hotel for only $156 Euros. Gran Canaria, Teneriffa, Montego Bay, Puerto Plata, etc...It is incredible how inexpensive it is. That's for "half pension" too. (Half pension: you get breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner--whichever option you prefer) So no wonder the Germans are known for there WANDERLUST! I guess I am already similar to the Germans because I love to travel.

So I will enjoy my last days here in San Francisco and hop on a plane in 8 days for my new home and new life in Deutschland!!! Happy Holidays everyone! By the way, we already have a furnished, one bedroom apartment that we found on the internet. My partner called the landlord and will be meeting her on Friday, December 30th to pick up the keys. (my partner is flying to Germany on the 26th, four days before I do.)


Blogger Prodigal Talks said...

Hey, I've lived in Dusseldorf for a while, now in Canada. I bet you will LOVE it in Germany and Europe considering how bloody closed North America is to the outside world, culture and arts. And yes, your government sucks to no end.
Dusseldorf is considered to be the Paris of Germany. It's really a pretty city although it can get pretty damn cold. Things are a lot more rigid and structured over there, it's called "discipline" that most Americans sadly lack in a "bang your head the wall" way. If I were you, I would not go around telling people you are from the U.S. - wait a bit, make an impression, let them like you before they judge you. ;-) Biggest tip for your trip!
Would love to keep in touch and find out what you think of the homeland.

By the way, not to burst your bubble but... Ibiza used to be THE party place. It's become a bit more degenerate now. (Plus saying you want to go to Ibiza really makes you "a stupid American tourist" in Europeans' eyes.) Check out the many art festivals, concerts, architecture.

Oh, I'm gay too by the way, living with a "husband." I wish you the best. Would love to keep in touch.

6:01 PM  
Blogger James said...

Thanks for the tip! :) I guess the "coolness" of Ibiza is now gone. I have been wanting to go there now for OVER 10 years. :) I don't think I can avoid being pinpointed as being American because I don't even speak Germany yet. So we'll see how the Germans react to me. It's going to be funny. Imagine me in the grocery store in Duesseldorf and not speaking German....Yes, let's keep in touch. E-mail me....

6:46 PM  
Blogger Expat Traveler said...

Hey James - thanks for sharing your story. Wow you are a lucky guy! I loved Switzerland and would give anything to live there still. However, I chose Canada because I knew I could immigrate and be happy and welcomed.

It's funny - I dreamt of going to Ibiza too until I lived in Europe and then found interesting places to visit. It's so easy to take a last minute trip also because you only need to be there for a few days and don't need much notice to fly there.

Make sure you know about easyjet too. Use a lot of low cost airlines and you can get great deals, even cheaper than the train.

I know youre excitement right now too. I was doing the same thing in dec of 2001 but to Switzerland. :)

7:16 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

I moved to Germany for love too so I know what it feels like to leave the familiar behind to be with the person with whom you're meant to be.

I hope you have a safe trip over and enjoy everything over on this side. And if you need tips on adjusting, let us know.

12:33 AM  
Anonymous James' Partner said...

Okay, I need to clarify something here. James makes it sound like it's all because of me and that I am the one who wanted to move back. But that is only partially true!
James has been nagging me for years to move to Europe, I suggested London, Amsterdam, you name the city, but no, he wanted to go to Germany, get the full dose.
To top it all off, it just worked out perfectly this year in the fall, with my employer offering to make a transfer happen and changes at James' company as well.
Soooo, it's not all me ;)
Nonetheless, I am glad we are going and can't wait for James to start learning German --- that American accent is so cute, it makes me smile...

5:33 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Heh. My husband says I have a cute American accent when I speak German too.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Hamish said...

James - enjoy your last few days in the US. Good times await. And having a partner that already speaks German can't hurt either.

9:00 AM  

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